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  • Kids Yoga Sequence – Rap Song

    Now every,body listen up we got some yoga to do We’ll, start with the breath the rest will come thru you Breathe thru your nose make it slow and deep Feel everything between your head and your feet Toes and heals touching keep your arms by your side Your, eyes on the prize, which resides […]

  • Spiritual Consciousness

    I ponder the dynamic between spirituality and consciousness and how it relates to man and animal.  There is an argument for man having a higher consciousness level and I see how this is true.  The problem is that this consciousness can be used to hurt as much as heal.  It’s clever and friendly with the […]

  • Paradox

    This might be it-what it all comes down to.  Love, life, time, truth, everything and nothing, and God herself, all exist immersed in paradox.  Paradox will break you down and confuse the part of you that wants to know; the part of you that wants it to fit in a neat package.  The whole exists […]

  • “Dust” – Song Lyrics by Stephen

    I been speaking freely just to clear my mind completely It comes out over-easy but at least I know it leaves me I can’t see eye to eye with all these hoarders hypin’ fairytales I try and die to myself but my will won’t seem to let me fail.   My sanity keeps shifting from […]

  • Spiritual Proprioception

    Proprioception is defined as the ability to sense where your limbs are in space without having to look and the strength of effort being applied.  I ponder the spiritual applications of this but let us start first with the mind or the mental body as a commonly accepted extension of our physical body.   With […]

  • Circle Philosophy 2

    There’s an idea in Paul Williams’ book, Das Energi, that if you could look far enough out into space, you would see the back of your own head.  A circle will always bring you back to the starting point.  Life will always bring you back to yourself.  If we are all God, then we all […]

  • A Conscious Moment

    I want to ask everyone a question.  If you could press a button right this very second that would help everyone do the right thing, would you?  How could everyone not see the benefit in that for themselves?  The button is consciousness and we all push it sometimes.  If everyone pushed it at the same […]

  • Time and Space

    Let’s combine the words time and space.  It’s really hard to separate them anyway.  As we’ve already entertained, these words are strong synonyms for God.  God the ultimate healer.  Give me time, and I’ll be fine.  Everything will resolve with time.  Time is proper spacing.  Lately, space is at a premium.  If it was monopoly, […]

  • Laura Jasper

    Laura Jasper

    After Laura received her degree in Exercise Science and Wellness she worked as a Certified Personal Trainer and Ski Instructor for several years. Eventually her curiosity and interest in mindbody modalities drew her to take a yoga teacher training and that has been her direction ever since. Her background includes Ashtanga,, vinyasa flow, and Anusara […]

  • Lining Up the Waves

    We could make the Infinite one big heart, pure radiant love, if we became collectively aware.  Each person that is present swells Infinity’s heart.  Our being present comes in and out; God’s heart expands and contracts.  If God created man in his own image, how are we not to say God has something pumping with […]