Mission Statement

Through the simplicity and realization of the present moment breath, the Yoga Circle seeks to guide the individual to understand the energy and sacred space within their own body and mind, initiating a union made visible and accessible for the greater growth of the community.


If you are late, the door may be locked. Or you may be early. Or it may be in between classes and no one is here. Either way, the door is locked and it’s not something easily changed unless you have the key. The key is to come at a time when someone is here.

We usually have someone here 30 minutes before any scheduled class and the door will be locked within a minute or two of start time. We don’t want to miss you but we cannot leave the door unlocked with no one around. We hope you understand.

If you know you’re going to be a couple of mins late, please try and texting Stephen at 205-266-7547

and it’s possible that he may be able to notify the teacher in time. Either they will come out of the class to look for you at the door or our preferred option is to leave a flip-flop in the back door and you can come in the back of the studio. 

You cannot be late to your very first class with us. We want time to introduce ourselves and show you around. We want you to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience. We do not want you rushing around life this modern life seems to promote. 

Deep breath. We hope to see you soon.