Class Descriptions


Established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India is a system that consists of a precise sequence of poses (asana), breath control (ujjayi pranayama), a gazing point (drishti), and internal energetic locks (bandhas). Each pose in the sequence is a preparation for the next, and is traditionally practiced in sequence. Suitable for all levels. Not heated.

*Basic Flow
Experience Yoga Circle Flow at a slower pace, so you can build a solid foundation with healthy alignment and breath awareness. Personal attention, modifications, and use of props make this class perfect for both beginners and seasoned practitioners seeking more knowledge and precision!  Recommended for newer yogis as preparation for the Yoga Circle Flow classes. Room is not heated.

The Yoga Circle teachers, Shannon Hancock and Kerry Burgess will be facilitating this class. The Mysore style of yoga asana practice is a particular way of teaching yoga within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the southern Indian city of Mysore. There are some differences in this method from the usual modern way in which yoga is taught. The class is not “led” as a whole but rather all instruction is one-on-one within the group class setting. Students practice their own portion of the Ashtanga sequence of asanas at their own pace. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments and verbal instruction.

*Hot Soul
Hot Soul is a set series of poses are done twice with an emphasis on form and correct breathing. With this yoga, you will establish the fundamentals of quality living as philosophy emerges from the physical. It is a pure beginners boot camp. Room is heated to 105 degrees.

Yoga Circle Flow 1
Creative and fluid sequencing varying from class to class. Testing your flexibility, strength and balance while maintaining your breath. Level 1 is open to all level students, though a basic understanding of postures is recommended. Room will be heated between 84 – 88 degrees.

Yoga Circle Flow 1/2 or Intermediate Flow
Our creative sequencing class with the possible addition of arm balancing or inversions.  Room will be heated between 84 – 88 degrees. Helpful to have: An ongoing yoga practice and a sense of adventure

This is a slow paced and gentle style class that allows for longer holds in seated postures. Extensive use of props to support the postures. Room is not heated.

*Slow Flow
Slow Flow is our signature flow and yin mash up. Be prepared to slow things down and have time for deep relaxation at the end. The class is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. Not heated.


Aims to bridge the gap between the breath-linked movements of vinyasa flow and the more meditative art of yin. Approximately half of the class will be spent opening, expanding, and strengthening the body with flowing movement, and the other half will be spent sinking into longer-held yoga poses, relaxing the muscles, and accessing the body’s connective tissues. This second portion will encourage students to slow down, let go, and absorb the benefits of their practice. It will also serve as an opportunity to practice simply being aware as a tool to restore a sense of calm and balance to the body.

° Wear light weight clothing that does not distract or hinder movement

° Refrain from eating 2-3 hours before class

° Morning classes are best on an empty stomach

° Have at least one meal when attending evening classes (2-3 hours prior)

° Be well hydrated by drinking a lot of water throughout the day

° Bring your own mat, large towel and bottle of water

° Have no expectations, agendas, or goals

° Let your practice unfold daily and abandon the competitive mind-set

° When entering a class late, please be discreet and stand toward the back

Yoga is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Yoga helps you become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress sticken environment. The harmony of mind, body, and spirit will help you feel fitter, be more energetic, be happier and be peaceful.

Yoga Benefits

Improves balance and coordination Increases energy
Increases flexibility and strength Improves circulation
Tones & shapes muscles Improves concentration
Reduces stress Improves posture
Promotes over-all well-being Detoxifies body
Strengthens immune system Aids injury recovery
Improves sleep patterns
Note: We recommend that you consult with your physician before taking part in any physical activity