Spiritual Proprioception

Proprioception is defined as the ability to sense where your limbs are in space without having to look and the strength of effort being applied.  I ponder the spiritual applications of this but let us start first with the mind or the mental body as a commonly accepted extension of our physical body.  

With the evolution of consciousness could we become aware of the position of our daily thoughts as they spread out into the space around us?  How would this affect what we think about if we knew the spaces that these thoughts would inhabit and the force with which these thoughts were being applied?  What if we could reach out with our thoughts like we could our hand.  Be careful of course, because we’re not looking to strike or cause harm.  We would need to make sure to project our thoughts in the right way from a good place.  This is one of the reasons for meditating as a form of prayer; to clear the ego and the desire that drives us to manipulate others with our powers of intention.  

Spiritually, could we begin to sense our position in the vast infinite void of the space of God?  Could we feel the strength of our spirit in it’s yearning for God? In this blind sprawling darkness, we could sense the heat coming off the light of our own spark; a fire kindled from the source.  Like lightning bugs, we would begin to light up the space and like stars form a constellation of God.  Maybe a caricature or an abstract interpretation, but a creative collaboration of all those beginning to reflective back the light we attribute to God.  

If nothing else, let us use our spiritual proprioception just to sense that we are always within the realm of God; to feel the body of God around us and within us.