Do I need to sign up before hand?

No you do not.  Even if we provide this service you will always be able to drop-in, first come, first serve. 

What do I need to bring?

Try to bring your own towel and water.  You might also enjoy having your own mat but you are welcome to borrow ours for free.

What do people wear to class?

Females frequently wear yoga pants or shorts.  Bra tops are helpful with a cover up for your modesty.  Try not to wear clothes that are baggy or that retain water.  These will distract you and make you uncomfortable if not extra hot.  Males are welcome to not wear a shirt and will also benefit from running shorts or something tighter for support.

How early do I need to arrive for my first class?

We do not have any mandatory paperwork but try to arrive at least 15 mins early to make sure you find the place and get settled in with any questions you may need to ask the instructor.  We lock the door 5-10 mins after class starts.

What are the best beginning classes?

All classes are open to beginners, but it is suggested that you try to Hot Soul or Basic Flow if you’ve never done yoga.  One is heated and the other is not so no excuses there!  If you’ve never done yoga and are attending the other classes just inform the instructor of your status and he or she will keep an eye on you.  You can always do what you can do and observe and rest inbetween if necessary.  

What if I just cannot do certain poses?

The teacher will give you modifications for any pose.  If there are none, then visualize yourself doing the pose and be present.  Yoga is really all about your mind.