Time and Space

Let’s combine the words time and space.  It’s really hard to separate them anyway.  As we’ve already entertained, these words are strong synonyms for God.  God the ultimate healer.  Give me time, and I’ll be fine.  Everything will resolve with time.  Time is proper spacing.  Lately, space is at a premium.  If it was monopoly, there would be nothing left to buy; but let us eat into the rain forests and indigenous lands so that everything can be officially owned by someone.  

Our minds have become like our planet; crowded.  Or is it the other way around?  We have all become hoarders of a sort.  We collect history and preserve it; too caught up in the future to learn from the past; excessively conditioned by the past to change the future; the present moment passes by too quickly to catch up to it.  This leaves us nowhere and yet here we are.  The cursor sits there and blinks incessantly, as if asking the question:  “Well, are you going to do something?”  

Why does the cursor blink anyway?  It too is lined up with the reality that we are all blinking in and out of existence.  It’s just like a heart beat; its’ artificial cardiac muscle beating until the battery runs out, or the computer dies, or the power sub-stations run out of juice.  But life is plugged into something besides the wall and it goes on without analyze or consciousness of itself.  It is regulated by the circumstance of environment (space) and is subject to time (God). 

What does this now mean that life is becoming conscious of itself through humans?  It’s all life and if the biosphere is becoming aware of itself, will that eventually lead us to a more evolved existence?  If so, right now must be the storm before the calm. It seems the water is boiling.   

What if too much knowing puts all this space between us and God?  Why are we trying to know what we already are?  Time and Space will bring us back there soon enough.  What if God, lacking arrogance and immersed in the wonder of her own creative potential, was unaware or uninterested in the separation of the details?  The knowing lines us up, when the line is just one of many radii from the center of the circle.  We have to be 360 if we are to be whole.  These lines forget they are part of a circle.  The amoeba is blissfully ignorant of any radius and content to be a single cell, wholly without knowledge.  When will we relinquish the thirst for hard evidence and soften into faith?