Lining Up the Waves

We could make the Infinite one big heart, pure radiant love, if we became collectively aware.  Each person that is present swells Infinity’s heart.  Our being present comes in and out; God’s heart expands and contracts.  If God created man in his own image, how are we not to say God has something pumping with life at it’s center?  Would we therefore not feel a wave of love coming from the pulse?  If we love back at the right time, (while life’s wave is crashing your wave is swelling), you can be in Love (the Infinite’s heart) all the time.  Like music, synchronize with the off beat and spiral the vibrations.   Many of the prophets have alluded to stronger faith in times of adversity and loving your enemies.  The timing of these makes them work.

You can line up (tune in) with anything anywhere.  You can face in its direction.  You will literally be on the same plane with this physical object, this mind’s consciousness, that emotion or that dream, that time when a certain event took place.  Everything is a facet of Infinity containing the whole within it.  We have been given limited sight.  We cannot see through things, or certain shades of light, or the waves of energy pulsating through the air.  If all existing entities could be aware/present/In Love, then the Infinite could look at itself in the mirror and maybe we could look back at it.  Do your part.  Improve the odds of this simultaneous entrainment.  How do we know that everything else in is not already in Love?