The Yoga Circle is a classic studio located in Southside right under the iconic statue of Vulcan. We offer mostly beginning yoga with opportunity for growth as each student improves. All of our teachers are certified. Most classes are in a heated room to help the body/mind expansion and even the ‘cold’ classes are warm- it’s like a womb for the birth of the new you. If you want/need to attend classes but need help, then you should ask as no reasonable offer will be refused. You will never know what you can do until you try.

The Yoga Circle is conveniently located in the Five Points South district of Birmingham.
1425 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. S (21st St.) Suite 200   205.266.7547

Directions to The Yoga Circle:
Beware of your GPS taking you into the North side of town as this happens frequently. Also beware of an old address floating around out there. We are NOT located at 1805 11th Ave. S anymore.
Coming from Homewood, proceed over the mountain by Vulcan. Stay to the right when the road splits and slow down. We are coming up shortly on your right. You will see our brand new large sign and take a soft right directly after this sign. Park on either side of this road. Coming from 5 points south or UAB, take 20th St. S. up towards Vulcan and turn left on 15th Ave. S. in front of Zydeco. You will come quickly to a stop sign and be staring across the street at our building. Swing left and immediately right to get in front of our building for parking.