This might be it-what it all comes down to.  Love, life, time, truth, everything and nothing, and God herself, all exist immersed in paradox.  Paradox will break you down and confuse the part of you that wants to know; the part of you that wants it to fit in a neat package.  The whole exists within the part is a classic example of paradox; the macro within the micro.   If each part has to exist to establish the whole, how can the whole already be present in the part?  Or the idea that time could have a beginning or end.  What was the time before time?  Simultaneous time blows our minds, but it is most likely the reality of time and it’s truer nature.  

Their is no resolution in paradox but therein lies it’s ability to heal.  It is part of the circle philosophy in that there is no end or beginning to a circle.  It never starts or stops and therefore reflects God.  Paradox forces surrender.  It humbles and creates vulnerability.  It eats away at illusion because it reveals the truth that it’s all illusion.  Of course this discussion of paradox will be paradoxical.  To know that you can’t know is to be free.  At that point you have given up everything (and nothing) to God, the ultimate paradox – that which you cannot know and yet is within you as you are within it.  Once you have surrendered to it, the fight with life’s paradox is over.  Shame, fear, delusion, disconnection, worthlessness-they all disappear as a result of starvation having no resistance to feed them.

Every truth has an equal opposite truth that is no less true.  This paradox is true and yet has it’s equal opposite truth as well which only perpetuates the paradox.  It seems there is an exception to every rule.  The only absolute is that there are no absolutes.  Paradox sends us around and around the circle spinning the wheels of consciousness only to bring us back again to where we started.  Everything that ever was, is, or will be, will end up back where it started.  Change is the only constant.  Just embrace it already.