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    There are many interpretations of this word.  Maybe it’s most common, if not its most beneficial use, is as a greeting- hello and goodbye.  The prefix ‘nam’ has it’s roots from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘I Bow.’  The latter half of the word opens up into a plethora of possible interpretation. We need to understand it as a […]

  • “Change” Song Lyrics by Stephen

    How do you share what words won’t convey? Now is it really fair to just walk away? And if you truly care and yet cannot convey Can you at least be there at the end of the day? How do you love what your bred to hate? Have you ever wondered to create your fate? […]

  • “Circle” Song Lyrics by Stephen

    I’m calling all people, take a step back I’m calling all people, expand and contract Your mind, now it breathes, it’s fine and intact Act with you body it’s a natural fact That when you move to the rhythm your brain relax And then you get into the feeling and the right relapse To a […]

  • Magic and Miracles

    Magic is what we call it.  It is really just the unknown; something never  previously experienced.  But let’s not pretend that the impossible just happened.  If it happened, then it’s possible.  Why aren’t miracles talked about more?  They should be validated and inflated for all to see.  How can you dismiss the fact of spontaneous […]

  • Circle Philosophy

    What I will attempt to convey might be better understood with a visual reference.  However, as I am pathetic with the mere drawing of stick figures and even worse with computers, you will have to do your best with these words alone. Now back in the day, our view point was so linear that we […]