A Conscious Moment

I want to ask everyone a question.  If you could press a button right this very second that would help everyone do the right thing, would you?  How could everyone not see the benefit in that for themselves?  The button is consciousness and we all push it sometimes.  If everyone pushed it at the same time, a magical thing would happen.  It would stay down and nobody would have to push anymore.  So the more often you can be pushing your button day to day, the more likely we will be to win the evolutionary lottery.  I think the ticket has already been purchased and that soon our number will be called.  Will we be there to redeem it?

This concept overlaps with a vision I’ve had of the whole world stopping in one exact moment.  Just stop and do nothing for one second.  Don’t go immediately into how hard that would be and all the reasons it wouldn’t happen – just imagine it.  This would be an act of consciousness.  And everything would change as a result of it.  Not like God would come down and say, “Congratulations kids, you have moved on to the next level in the game of life!”  But peace and understanding would be a lot easier to come by.  More movements toward organized moments of consciousness would start popping up all over, like the latest fads do in our culture.  The internet would catapult it across the world in a flash.  Mega corporations would adopt the theme into product lines. Starbucks would have a Conscious coffee blend, meditation bars would be on every corner, and it would replace sex as the top seller of retail.  Actions counter to consciousness would be reported in the media like, “Today, with a blatant lack of consciousness, insurgents bombed a building.”  Or among peers, “That was so unconscious!”

As it grew, consciousness would check itself and people would be called out on their unconscious acts.  We just need that one defining moment to take us to the next level.