“Dust” – Song Lyrics by Stephen

I been speaking freely just to clear my mind completely

It comes out over-easy but at least I know it leaves me

I can’t see eye to eye with all these hoarders hypin’ fairytales

I try and die to myself but my will won’t seem to let me fail.


My sanity keeps shifting from the ending to beginning

The swirls and spirals sifting through the piles of paper pending

I want to live without and dwell within my inner spaces

But the cost of build-out swells and blows this Dust up in my face and so I


Close My Eyes


The world’s a freaking mess these female girls all got fake breasts

These words are pressed in plastic mesh the rest are caught in nets and stressed i guess

I’ll be feeling blessed if just I judge these jokers less and yet

I confess to failing best lest I am just like the rest.


At least a fire’s burning so to each his own concerning

How to teach of leaves and turning, the tides will keep on churning

While I continue yearning to be deeper in my learning

In my sinew I am stirring up this dust and it keeps blurring so I 


Close My Eyes