Circle Philosophy 2

There’s an idea in Paul Williams’ book, Das Energi, that if you could look far enough out into space, you would see the back of your own head.  A circle will always bring you back to the starting point.  Life will always bring you back to yourself.  If we are all God, then we all end up back at the source; at the end, we will arrive back at the beginning.

Philosophy is based on intellect by definition but I believe it to have a very instinctual origin as well, with much to offer to the intuitive aspect of understanding.  I believe it to be a necessity to living in a healthy way whether one is conscious of their philosophy or not.  It is a lubrication to keep sanity from cracking apart.  

Continuing with the visual of a circle, we find ourselves frequently away from the center.  We must remember that illusion will permeate all experience when away from the center.  Anecdotally, a solution to any predicament lies an equal distance across the center point much like a seesaw that teeters across the fulcrum.  This is where the lifeline is crucial to know in which direction the center lies.

Life is a balance.  Excess and deficiency create imbalance.  Excessive amounts of people; now deficient amounts of resources.  Clinging to one spot, attached and stagnant, the imbalance worsens.  An object in motion will be less effected by gravity and balance will be easier to come by.  The shape of a circle implies rotation or movement.  It is spinning, creating its own gravity, and therefore becoming more itself.  This is what we are supposed to be doing; being or becoming ourselves.  Becoming might be a better way to think of it as it too implies motion. 

The circle says, “Keep moving towards yourself and create your own gravity.  Then life will come to you instead of you attaching to it.  Use you center to relate to where you are now and to philosophically understand where you’re going.    Your circle is contained within a larger circle and you are spiraling towards its center.”