Kids Yoga Sequence – Rap Song

Now every,body listen up we got some yoga to do
We’ll, start with the breath the rest will come thru you
Breathe thru your nose make it slow and deep
Feel everything between your head and your feet
Toes and heals touching keep your arms by your side
Your, eyes on the prize, which resides inside
Make your muscles tight like a mountain stands strong
An, asana tadasana to make your spine long
Stop before it hurts not tryin to go beserk
Don’t forget to breathe or the magic won’t work

Now Re,lax a little bit and we’ll take a simple shift
Inhale deep and your arms you will lift
Palms to the sky like your raising up the roof
Only thru yourself will u find a deeper truth
Visualize: flip this pose in your mind
Your, standing on your hands with ur feet to the sky
Be,lieve that it’s possible and one day u will
Be, still   and know that I am what u feel

Next, pose is vrikshasana and that means tree
We’ll, make a minor tweak where we bend the knee
Use your, hands and pull ur foot high on the thigh
Point ur toes down and to balance we try
To, focus eyes free the minds and line up the spines
No, need to look around when ur one of a kind
When it, all comes together for a moment u might
Not know, left from right   or the day from the night
Take, one leg down and the other leg up
Focus on the pose and forget the other stuff
Put, hands in prayer or up anywhere
All that really matters is to be right there

Now, if you’re gettin tired   just hang in there
Cause this next pose takes the shape of a chair
But, don’t be fooled it’s not as easy as it sounds
Lift, arms overhead and drop your hips toward the ground
Sit ,down   lift the heart with weight to the heels
Yield to what you feel just deal and be real

Garu,rasana is eagle   and that’s up next
We’ll tie our, limbs in knots and then proceed to flex
Listen, carefully   so that we can fix you up
Identi,fy right from left and don’t mix them up
From, arms overhead swing the right under left
Hook it nice and tight til u feel a stretch
Sit, down!  Lift right leg over left
A,gain squeeze tight til u feel a stretch
Hold it kinda like   you’re holdin your pee
In,hale exhale feel the energy
Now re,lease   and we will switch the sides
Left, arm under right  sealed in a bind
Drop the, hips  lift the left leg over right
Tighten it up and continue your plight to be
Free from the falsities floatin around
And see, clear to the truth of the ancient sound – ooommmmm

If you like math then this one’s for you
It’s trika,nasana and you can be a triangle too
Start with legs wide turn your toes to the right
Take a deep breath   and gather your might
Stretch a slight bit to the right stay slow
Tilt your body down til you touch your toes
Take a, few deep breaths   and come back up
Straighten back out and continue to bust
Turn your, toes to the left to the left you stretch
Tilt the body down til the toes you catch
Be, blessed don’t stress   for life’s just a test
Let, go let god and forget the rest

The, next pose   has a name that’s quite long
I don’t even think it’ll fit in the song
It’s , like the last pose but with one bent knee
Turn your, right toes out  bend the right knee deep
Keep your spine straight   tilt to the right
Place your, right hand down  left arm to the light
Then, bring it overhead push your left foot down
Make a, really long line from the sky to the ground
Keep, breathin  to keep the mind right on the task
Bask in the glow of the soul long last
Come up slow  we need to switch the sides
Turn the, left toes out  bend the knee in a glide
Breath as your guide for what your feelin inside
Right, arm overhead you should look like a slide
Don’t, buy it  if your mind tells you you can’t
It only, rants and raves  we should teach it to dance

Next pose warrior   Vira for short
Put away your guns use peace not force
Turn your, right toes out  bring the left toes in
Whole, body faces right   the right knee you bend
Lift, arms to the sky with the hands in prayer
Look, up thru the heart  send it out with care
Use your inner strength  and deepen your hold
Bring the, warmth to the cold bring the love from the soul

Now we’re gonna shift do warrior 2
It’s, bound to feel good if you follow it thru
Bring your arms down make the chest face front
Look to the right an continue your hunt
For a, place deep inside nobody can budge
The, world’s comin at you be ready with love

Come, back to center and the sides we will switch
Face to the left so we can scratch that itch
Bend the left knee and the arms overhead
No, dread be fed by the saints who have said
To, meditate and levitate your consciousness up
Drink from the cup of the wisdom above
Open it up  now to warrior 2
Its your last pose  so give it some juice
Look to the left keep your chest up strong
Be pre,pared for life  whether short or long.         On and on…..