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  • Shannon Hancock

    Shannon Hancock

    Shannon found her way to the yoga mat through a difficult health diagnosis during college. She became a committed yoga practitioner in 2010. After graduating with a B.A. in Political Science from Samford University and working in the non-profit field, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance instructor certification in 2013 at Birmingham Yoga with Akasha […]

  • Referral Program

    Bring a new friend to class and receive a free class for yourself.  They pay their first class but receive their second class free.  Upon bringing your 3rd new friend go ahead and take 25% off of your next package.

  • Stephen Fletcher

    Stephen Fletcher

    Stephen Fletcher, Director and Principal Teacher, graduated Bikram’s 9-week teacher training course in Los Angeles in November, 2002, and has been teaching yoga ever since. He recently attended a 200 hour Kundalini teacher training in Asheville, NC. Stephen has a love for all styles of yoga and encourages students to be aware that they are […]

  • Oneness

    In natural ecosystems, the nature of the system deals with excess and deficiency. Things live in harmony (diversity with individual purpose) or they parish by being too much or too little; thus harmony maintained. When anything gets beyond a certain range, it is sheared off – it has gotten too far away from the middle. […]

  • Yoga with A Soul

    Can you imagine life without spirit? Whether we realize it or not, every action of every day, big or small, is enhanced by spirit. Now to what degree is up to you and your practices. Our spirit can be cultivated. It’s a resource of infinite depth that we can ultimately use to soar through life. […]

  • Amoeba/The Book

    I knew the meaning of life. It came to me in a dream and it was real; how it all worked, the way to live, why it happened. Unfortunately dreams are fleeting and details are forgotten. They are but a peek at the secret destined to inspire the search. A search that would find the […]

  • Alaska

    A trip to Alaska is never long enough (as long as you go in the summer!). You want to hike every trail there is as you never know what mystery awaits you around the corner. You want to capture the view from every angle of every beautiful landscape. Alaska seems to fill you with infinite […]

  • Want vs Need

    We are always told that we should focus on our needs and less on our wants. In most cases this is true. We might even work on wanting what we actually need. But as with seemingly everything there is an exception. There is an opposite truth that we shouldn’t need much. And some things in […]

  • God as Time

    Just give me time And I’ll be fine If I never see you Well, love is blind God as Time God is time. Time is infinite. Infinity is forever. Forever is created by Time. Time has created itself and yet, while so obvious, may not even exist. The opposite of time is simultaneousness. I’m sure […]

  • Space

    Space! The very word expands the mind. Hightime. Rush to fill the gaps. Why’s that? It’s benign. Take your time, step back. We will all fade to black. Circle that, underline this. Your place in space is a state of bliss. It all comes back to you again. Don’t believe it’s a reunion – it […]