Want vs Need

We are always told that
we should focus on our needs and less on our wants. In most cases this is true. We might even work on wanting what we
actually need. But as with seemingly
everything there is an exception. There
is an opposite truth that we shouldn’t need much. And some things in particular we shouldn’t
need at all. And yet we should want
them! I come across this through
relationship; intimate relationship to be particular. When you need your significant other, that
puts pressure on them to always be there.
It creates the attachment that can make them feel heavy and
restricted. This is a case where you
should want them completely- be in love with everything they are. But need them, you should not. We should need only the basics: water, food,
shelter, touch, music, work, and purpose.
All other beautiful things should be enjoyed only through wanting them
without need. Just a thought.