Renny (RYT-500) first experienced yoga many years ago without the intention or expectation to find a permanent home on her mat. A wanderlust with a keen thirst for new experiences, Renny’s yoga journey has taken her from Colorado to Costa Rica. Beyond a passion for yoga and adventure, she is an avid writer, entrepreneur and self-acceptance enthusiast.

Renny is certain that yoga saved her life and her quote expresses how she feels about the practice’s transformative potential: “Once you open the doors and step through- you’ve entered into a realm of divine engagement that can shape, heal and save your life. Yoga can take you to the space beyond your dreams- the seemingly impossible becomes tangible. Yoga can teach you acceptance, courage, and stillness. Yoga improves your ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. To be vulnerable- not only with yourself on the mat, but with others in your daily life. The road is paved with radiant love and it’s ever changing. With numerous paths to take, the choice is up to you. Each step is progress and should be celebrated with gratitude. Yoga is better than magic. Yoga is art. It’s putting all your pieces together and then letting them fall apart.” Expect some philosophy, poetry, and intentional movement when stepping into a yoga class with Renny.