In natural ecosystems, the nature of the
system deals with excess and deficiency.
Things live in harmony (diversity with individual purpose) or they
parish by being too much or too little; thus harmony maintained. When anything gets beyond a certain range, it
is sheared off – it has gotten too far away from the middle.

is two separate vibrations, quivering in the same spatial perception. They make one sound together that is richer
in texture and creates emotion. It can
then begin to sound happy or sad. A pure
vibration has no mood to get disturbed and no ego to lie. Is not each one of us a pure vibration? But mix us together and we make all this mood
and emotion. Well, we do currently. But of course we don’t have to if we choose
otherwise. If everyone could sing their
own note but be able to hear the collective sound of harmony, then everybody
would be hearing themselves inside of a whole.
That would be peace. And we could
play. All would be one. Kinda like time doesn’t actually exist;
neither does any number but 1. Even 0 is
still 1. I mean look at it. It’s one circle. But everything is one. It all vibrates in the same space and we all
share the same universe. There is only 1
moment, like the philosophy of the present states. We hear echoes and choruses of the past and
future but there’s only one true sound.