Stephen Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher, Director and Principal Teacher, graduated Bikram’s 9-week teacher training course in Los Angeles in November, 2002, and has been teaching yoga ever since. He recently attended a 200 hour Kundalini teacher training in Asheville, NC. Stephen has a love for all styles of yoga and encourages students to be aware that they are all connected. He has practiced and studied with Akasha Ellis, Sean Tabor, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, and Brian Kest.

Stephen’s class is inevitably spiritual in nature and pulls from every yoga and discipline that exists. He will help you see the inherent oneness of all things as his physical instructions emerge as a philosophy. Stephen will emphasize that good yoga lies in perception and reception. His background is in music and massage, both of which help expand his view of the body and mind and their ultimate union.

Your Yoga philosophy:
Make room for all the paradox. Everything is symbiotic and ultimately one, so follow no set path as a living truth is always changing.

Style of yoga:
Hot, Kundalini

Favorite Yoga Quote right now:
Nothing need define you, only shape you.
Favorite Yoga Pose right now:
5 min Plank Pose

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