Yoga with A Soul

Can you imagine life without spirit? Whether we realize it or not, every action of every day, big or small, is enhanced by spirit. Now to what degree is up to you and your practices. Our spirit can be cultivated. It’s a resource of infinite depth that we can ultimately use to soar through life. It will give us simple sincerity, palpable purpose, and visible vitality. Without Soul in our work, it and we will wither.
Souls thrive with the practice of awareness because with awareness you will break mechanization and mindless repetition. Going through motions only accelerates time and numbs the true feeling of being alive. Routine and ritual have their place if woven with diversity and adventure. Since life can easily slip into a monotonous drone, your yoga should bring you out of it and refresh your life purpose – to be in touch with your Soul!
So ask yourself as you witness your daily practices, ‘Does this bring me in touch with my Soul or just my self?’ If it doesn’t help you tap into and merge with this infinite resource, then consider changing. You may change ‘how’, or ‘what’, or ‘why’ but change you must. Because the only way to change ‘who’ is to let the Soul be realized as a collective source of all things good and true.
Peace to all
Love to all
Light to all