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  • As good as we fall

    We take on anything we do. We do yoga but we do many other ‘good’ things too. With some contemplation we discover the value in all of our more daily activities and begin to experience more joy. To play off Einstein’s quote, either everything is a miracle or nothing is, either every duty is worthy […]

  • It’s Not What You Do But How You Do It

    We can’t escape it! It’s everywhere. Day in and day out life is a series of repetitions. So much of ‘what’ you do is already laid out for you. So how you do it becomes all you have. Let’s play with the concept of pre-destiny – or that your life is predetermined by the intelligence […]

  • Grace Period

    From the very beginning this trip was all about Gratitude, including the absence of Gratitude it seems we must most go through to get there. I wasn’t feeling very grateful in the time leading up to this and I was in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. After a few years in a marriage that […]

  • Happy Mediums

    A small epiphany registered on the richter scale.  Just a light shake but enough to knock one thing over setting into motion a domino effect that might topple the world over still.  And yet this is always occurring and is what has brought us to this very moment.  Individuals with small revelations, a tiny good […]

  • A Better Measure of Time?

    I will start right off by informing you that this is not my idea.  I don’t know who first came up with it but there is certainly a movement to recognize the benefit of having a 13 month calendar.  I offer this to you in case you have not heard of it and to promote […]

  • Innocence and Experience

    Another great combo in the ever looming dualistic oneness.  Like prayer without faith and faith without prayer, both will lose meaning in their own excess.  The two are connected: the innocence of prayer, the experience of faith; to be wise enough to trust and to be reborn continually into wonder-to take today’s discoveries and transpose […]

  • Art, Emotion, and a New World

    Envision a world where everything was art.  Hanging on the  walls, on your plate for every meal, the plate itself, every dwelling and office, the city dump, the toilet you release in, the most common tool of an ink pen.   I envision this as I realize that every human being is an artist and […]

  • Circle Philosopy 3

    360 degrees.  That’s the math of it.  We humans might be at 359 and not know how close we are to completion.  Expanding on the idea that we are the furtherest away from God due to our complexity and lacking the omnipresence of the amoeba, let us remember the spiraling circle that life is.  So […]

  • Prayer and Faith

    “Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.” -Charles H. Spurgeon   “Jesus says, “Because you have seen me you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:19   What are these without each other?  It like inhaling without exhaling.  Similar to […]

  • Not Yoga

    At some point you will not even need label what you’re doing as yoga.  It will just be the awareness of what is good for you personally.  Eventually, this awareness will ask you to face ideas within you that are deeper and more difficult.  You will feel your dharma or purpose for being here rising […]