Circle Philosopy 3

360 degrees.  That’s the math of it.  We humans might be at 359 and not know how close we are to completion.  Expanding on the idea that we are the furtherest away from God due to our complexity and lacking the omnipresence of the amoeba, let us remember the spiraling circle that life is.  So as far away as we’ve come from the source, we might be much closer to it than we think.  

There is a bridge we need to built lest we have to make a quantum leap across this last chasm.  We are prone towards adventure it seems so we will probably prefer the jump.  But how we get there does not matter so much; just that we get there.  

What’s holding us back is completely obvious.  Fighting about stupid shit!  Battling over the name and face of God.  The incessant thirst for money and power.  A lack of reverence for ourselves and the earth we live on.  The list goes on and everyone already knows a version of this.  

So until we stop the madness with a conscious moment; until we release our death grip on life; until we all choose to wake up from these delusions of comfort, we will be lost in the woods when the clearing is right around the next bend.  359 and counting (waiting)……..