A Better Measure of Time?

I will start right off by informing you that this is not my idea.  I don’t know who first came up with it but there is certainly a movement to recognize the benefit of having a 13 month calendar.  I offer this to you in case you have not heard of it and to promote this most amazing call to change our world through time, inciting peace and spiritual transformation.  Can we even imagine what we could accomplish with all the energy saved from not fighting each other?  And then the strength in numbers of an intelligence unified??

So the very word ‘month’ and ‘moon’ are of the same origin and both define as a measure of time.  One measure of time is of course our Sun with roughly 365 days.  Why do we disregard our satellite moon?  Why do we have 12 months when we have 13 moons if these are the same?  With 13 months, all with an equal 28 days and 4 perfect weeks, we would have 364 days with one perfect peaceful day out of time.  These 2 calendars can blend perfectly and would honor the masculine/feminine energy to which our physical world adheres.  No wonder we’re out of balance and live in a male dominated society with a war on everything under the sun.  The mechanism of our calendar births this imbalance in our minds, or collective consciousness, and it manifests itself in everything we create.  The irregularity of our months (moons) keeps us irregular and out of synchronicity, and maybe especially our women who are more affected by monthly rhythms.  As a married man, I know if my woman’s not happy then no one’s happy.

Going back to that one day out of time….. do I even need to elaborate on it?  I will though.  Time needs a break.  If everything has its opposite then this could be a way of honoring the timelessness within our Souls.  Imagine the magical potential of this day…. if nothing else, a New Years Party that never starts or stops.  You can’t say be there at 8 when we shut down time for a day. And what if the whole world got on board.  This would be an international day where almost no one was working and energetically people would be putting off a more peaceful vibration.  People the world over could come together at the same time and meditate and we could have our conscious moment.  We could advance ourselves toward self and therefore human realization. Who knows what we could set in motion.

So it could be that simple.  The peace and harmony that so many have been seeking for so long could come down to just fixing our calendar to reflect that fact the we have a Sun and a Moon.  To honor that we work and we rest with the day and the night.  How could we overlook something so inherent and prevalent in our lives?  I don’t even know why there would be a moment’s hesitation or how anyone could argue against it.  What could it possibly hurt?  It’s basically like rearranging your house that it flows and functions better.  We don’t even need new furniture!  Who will make this change?????????????????

Look up  José Argüelles for some awesome incite on this subject.