Prayer and Faith

“Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.” -Charles H. Spurgeon


“Jesus says, “Because you have seen me you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:19


What are these without each other?  It like inhaling without exhaling.  Similar to breath, prayer is the calling or initiative; the inhale as an action to spark a need through intention.  Faith as an exhale, a surrender to wait in wonder; to give the time for the turning of wheels. 

Prayer alone can be assuming and needy.  It is demanding or even selfish.  Ask for something and expect it to be answered.  Faith alone is naive and meek.  It floats about with nothing to guide it.  Faith can be blind, as the saying goes.  Put faith with prayer so it can see where it’s going.  Put prayer with faith to make active a true necessity and shape your belief that things can and will work out for the greater good of the whole.  

It seems like so many people so easily lose their faith when pain and hard times come.  But we’re always praying to get through it.  So it’s like people incline towards pleasure and move away from pain.  One side of the polarities is always more challenging to embrace, like the less dominant hemisphere of our brain or the weak side of our body.  Prayer seems more concrete than pure believing.  And prayer, I will now state, is something almost everyone does, no matter what.  So faith is lacking.  And why is faith lacking?  Because we are coming to the top of the wave.  It is soon to all crash down.  Still therein lies the problem. We are confused as to where faith should be directed.  Not faith that everything will work out to be so wonderful in this physical world, but to keep our faith in the source!  The creative destroyer.  

Maybe we are supposed to fuck up royally and come back wiser next time.  It’s like life on this huge scale is all about working your way back to becoming God again.  The God that of course you already are.  We were just thrown in the woods with amnesia and have to find our way back home with a little game of Marco Polo, or Prayer and Faith.  



Or maybe just breathe in and out….