Innocence and Experience

Another great combo in the ever looming dualistic oneness.  Like prayer without faith and faith without prayer, both will lose meaning in their own excess.  The two are connected: the innocence of prayer, the experience of faith; to be wise enough to trust and to be reborn continually into wonder-to take today’s discoveries and transpose them against the backdrop of universal wisdom.  This is the paradox, the part within the whole, macro and micro, the infinite nothingness which we are and cannot grasp.  We say, ‘If only I had known then what I know now’ when it was the original innocence that created the ability to have a genuine experience.  


The work of meditation and yoga is to maintain the innocence of the mind while keeping access to the wisdom attained through experience. Like with all opposites the levels have to be balanced for them to work.  A slight variation in the levels of minerals, gases, or fluids in our bodies and we would quickly be very ill and/or dead without correction.  This is an applicable solution in any circumstance.  It is inherent to all life and exists in every known relationship.  We overlook it for a variety of reasons relating to the imperfection of being human with minds that overly rationalize and live locked in cravings, comforts, and contortions of reality.  If we are to truly transform our current pathology, we will acknowledge this inherent balance and restore it in all arenas of life.