It’s Not What You Do But How You Do It

We can’t escape it! It’s everywhere. Day in and day out life is a series of repetitions. So much of ‘what’ you do is already laid out for you. So how you do it becomes all you have.

Let’s play with the concept of pre-destiny – or that your life is predetermined by the intelligence of which it was born. And that free will or choice can only change things within the journey that will always bring you to the same destination. The big picture outcome seems predetermined – we all return home. So this always brings me to, it’s not ‘what’ you do but ‘how’ you do it. It’s a matter of bringing your spirit to your everyday doings. When we do things out of drudgery or obligation to another, we are not in the creative realm. Duty and service to another, yourself, or the world has a whole different feel. Your working for a higher purpose; from yourself but beyond yourself.

Take a look at any action of any day and notice ‘how’ you’re doing it. How does it serve you or how does it uplift another or the world? When it comes to the dishes and the trash and the scrubbing of toilets, see the inherent value of these actions and realize how they serve you, your neighbor, and the world at large. This will change how you relate to these sometimes belabored tasks.

As a daily exercise you will begin to release tasks/actions/karmas that serve nothing except the habitual ego and you will be left in the ritual of spirit work. Realize that many ‘whats’ are inevitable and you will have to discover their worth to make it a spiritual ritual.

It’s not what you do but how you do it.   ….however, it is quite possible that you will unearth many ‘whats’ that you could change as well….