Happy Mediums

A small epiphany registered on the richter scale.  Just a light shake but enough to knock one thing over setting into motion a domino effect that might topple the world over still.  And yet this is always occurring and is what has brought us to this very moment.  Individuals with small revelations, a tiny good deed, an accident – they have created the world as we know it.

We are here as mediums to allow the creative forces of the universe to express their infinite potential.  Play with the following idea a bit: Imagine being God of Infinite Potential and being able to create absolutely anything – a billion times over what humans have even dreamed of creating.  Where would you begin?!  And so universes and worlds were born and life was given a driving spirit to live , adapt, and evolve by ‘being creative!’  Look at all the life forms and what they’ve had to do to survive.  To survive is to be creative.

This is applicable to our everyday lives.  If we close our minds off, let our bodies deteriorate withering from lack of attention, and allow our emotions to rule over us, we are not living or surviving really as only a trivial amount of universal blood sustains our brief existence. We will parish if we are not creative.  So open yourself daily with wonder, bending body and mind to fracture and crumble that hardened outer layer of yesterday.  Remove impediments that dam the river that so wishes to produce beauty through you. Let everything you do be a creation even if you are just creating a clean floor or a memo for your boss.  Recognize creation in all its forms and create your life while letting life be created through you.  Be a happy medium.