Category: vinyasa

  • Toni Todd

    Toni Todd

    Tony Todd is a multifaceted light – with a medical background in pharmaceutical and medical device sales, she became a Yoga instructor, philanthropist, and courageous and avid explorer. Drawing on her diverse life experiences and travels, she lives every day with the goal of living a relatable and authentic life, effortlessly spreading light and love […]

  • Heidi Lee

    Heidi Lee

    Heidi discovered yoga in 2013 after a difficult health diagnosis of Dysautonomia (which is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system). She found that yoga was a way to retrain and regulate the nervous system while strengthening the body and used yoga to regain her health. She liked the outlet yoga gave her along with the […]

  • Kimberly Barnes-Ayers

    Kimberly Barnes-Ayers

    Kimberly Ayers has been a ‘helper’ for as long as she can recall. When she was a young child, she would accompany her mother to take food and clothes to those in need. She learned the power and importance of community organization as her family was involved in a tight knit community in Birmingham, in […]

  • Kelly Huggart

    Kelly Huggart

    Kelly initially turned to yoga as a fun way to manage stress and to stay fit and active in her college years.  She soon discovered that yoga has so much more to offer. Yoga and meditation teach us to flow through life with flexibility, awareness, grace, and gratitude.  Kelly completed her RYT 200 hour training […]

  • Meghan Malone

    Meghan Malone

    Meghan has always found joy in movement, starting with dance as a young girl. Yoga was the natural evolution of exploring movement. Meghan’s practice began after high school in 2011, as the years passed yoga’s presence became more prominent. In the fall of 2018 she attended 200 hour teacher training at Birmingham Yoga, focusing on […]

  • Kellyn Garrison

    Kellyn Garrison

    Kellyn Garrison is an environmental attorney, social advocate and lifelong Southerner who is passionate about learning, justice and sustainable living. Kellyn has practiced Iyengar, alignment-based and vinyasa yoga for more than 20 years and brings that depth of knowledge and experience to her yoga and meditation teachings. Her passions within yoga include Svādhyāya (self-reflection) and […]

  • Ivelina Dobreva

    Ivelina Dobreva

    Born and raised in picturesque town in the heart of ancient Bulgaria , her thirst for adventure and curiosity for solving puzzles took her to various places till she landed in Birmingham , Al and it felt a lot like home Being active Reiki practitioner ever since 2007 by Usui System of Natural Healing , […]

  • Rachel Little

    Rachel Little

    Rachel discovered the power of yoga in 2010 at a gym while searching for a way to supplement her running. Yoga, she discovered, was more than just an exercise modality. In addition to strengthening the body, yoga proved to stretch the body’s muscles and connective tissues, improve coordination and balance, increase body awareness and appreciation, […]

  • Laura Jasper

    Laura Jasper

    After Laura received her degree in Exercise Science and Wellness she worked as a Certified Personal Trainer and Ski Instructor for several years. Eventually her curiosity and interest in mindbody modalities drew her to take a yoga teacher training and that has been her direction ever since. Her background includes Ashtanga,, vinyasa flow, and Anusara […]