“Circle” Song Lyrics by Stephen

I’m calling all people, take a step back

I’m calling all people, expand and contract

Your mind, now it breathes, it’s fine and intact

Act with you body it’s a natural fact

That when you move to the rhythm your brain relax

And then you get into the feeling and the right relapse

To a time and place when we were fine with space

We had the shine and grace and a clear mind to face

The attack, onslaught of the mutant race

With our complacent disgrace for how the paid get paid

Adjacent is haste I say we seize the day

And lay waste and run ruin in the name of what’s right

And even sacrifice every single delight for the Circle of Light.


It’s perfect tonight, there’s no reason to fight

One true look at yourself and you could hurt no one else.

We excited alright on best behavior dispite

Being sold on a shelf into a poisonous hell

So get pissed and yell, they form a fist and shell

As they insist to sell all of our bliss to hell

Take it back! But not so you can keep it with pride

Let it eat you inside until your brain gets fried

We got to try, to get this world unified

On top of earth under sky, our birth is no by

If we wait to much longer we can all say goodbye to our

Circle on High