Magic and Miracles

Magic is what we call it.  It is really just the unknown; something never  previously experienced.  But let’s not pretend that the impossible just happened.  If it happened, then it’s possible.  Why aren’t miracles talked about more?  They should be validated and inflated for all to see.  How can you dismiss the fact of spontaneous and complete remission? Minds should be regularly blown away.  Faith and hope should begin to kill off the mass of fear, eating it away from the inside out, as fear itself likes to work in the minds of so many.

But it’s the collective consciousness that becomes the norm and known.  If enough people believe it, it establishes the accepted limitation.  For miracles and magic to happen, a person must break free from the binds of blind belief and tap into the God consciousness.  God is the realm of infinite possibility and creative potential.  This realm is within every one of us.  The magic and miracles of art, music, poetry, bravery,laughter, reproduction, love, alchemy, mountains, raging rivers, rainbows; these have become common place and rarely recognized as magic.  Yet they all have an ability to express themselves in unlimited ways, refusing to be kept to a standard mold.  When something can be exactly replicated, it is beginning to lose its magic.

Step off the assembly line and you will begin to live again in the wonder and awe of the miraculous.  Tap into the God consciousness that makes every snowflake a little different, where even the rare occurrence  of a twin becomes a miracle in and of itself.  We are sold and smitten with what already is; comfortable with the known, we have let our souls grow complacent.  Our minds have a direct link to the abundance of potential the lies in the vastness of God itself.  Magic and miracles already exist everywhere; they’re just waiting on you………  Maybe the next great magic trick will be the ability to see through the walls of what was, clear to what could be.

peace is a miracle awaiting full realization from all beings


peace be with you

sf @ tyc