Karma Keepers

Karma Keepers

The Karma Keepers program is a big part of our studio and your help and support allows for TYC to operate smoothly and provides a welcoming environment. This program allows individuals to work at the studio in exchange for yoga.

What do You Get?

Unlimited yoga during your quarterly work period in exchange for2 hours of work per week, preferably in half hour shifts.
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Please read about the offered positions below, and if you feel like you would be a great addition to the TYC team then we would love to hear from you! Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.
If accepted into the program, new Karma Keepers are on a one-month probation period. This is to see if you are a good fit at the studio, and if the if you find your duties manageable. After that, we ask that you try to commit to at least a six-month period.
Having a KK shift should be treated like a regular paying job; you are expected to show up on time each week for shift. If you can’t come in for some reason (illness, out of town) then it’s your responsibility to have it covered ahead of time. (switching shifts with another KK is an option)



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You will be responsible to take care of our studio and to maintain a clean and a welcoming atmosphere.Some of the duties include regular cleaning of studio rooms and washrooms; cleaning, organizing props; and overall cleanliness of common areas of the studio.
You will need to possess the following:
Ability to complete cleaning duties in a timely manner
Enjoy individual work
Can perform physical activities such as; sweeping, washing the floors, scrubbing and wiping


  • Dusting. Including but not limited to: front desk, bookshelf, cubbies, aluminum ledges around all windows,
  • Studio Floors. Vacuum or dry Swiffer first. Use soap and water with a clean Swiffer pad or use the steamer.
  • Common Area Floors. Vacuum or dry Swiffer first. Soap and water with a Swiffer pad or use the steamer.
  • Showers. Scrub and rinse
  • Organization of props and mats and other studio belongings


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As part of our Front Desk Team, you will be welcoming new and current students to the studio, answering questions, handling purchases, booking and managing massage clients and maintaining organization of the studio during classes.
You will need to possess the following:
Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
Ability to multi task, set priorities and the ability to work in a busy environment
Ambition to make every experience a positive experience for students
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