Toni Todd

Toni Todd

Tony Todd is a multifaceted light – with a medical background in pharmaceutical and medical device sales, she became a Yoga instructor, philanthropist, and courageous and avid explorer. Drawing on her diverse life experiences and travels, she lives every day with the goal of living a relatable and authentic life, effortlessly spreading light and love while inspiring genuine connection with those she encounters.

Stillness and presence are the foundations of Tony’s purpose. She practices Pranayama, Meditation, Vinyasa Flow and Manifestation to achieve her overall vision. These fundamental and creative passions are also the essence of her instruction.

Through the @blackswanyoga Dallas 200 Hour Teacher Training Program, Tony substantially furthered her instructional skills and she now leverages yoga as a medium for creating safe, genuine, connections in her community. Furthermore, she is also certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance which is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community with a core mission to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. 

Teaching private and group lessons, as well as corporate classes, Tony divides her time between Dallas, TX and Birmingham, AL while traveling internationally. She lives to share her unique perspective on Yoga, Breath, Stillness and overall LIFE by openly and honestly telling her story.