Pilar has been athletic since graduating from college and really just a big fan of movement since the time she could crawl. After the birth of her first child she became swept away with the freedom of running and was able to enjoy the sights and vistas of some pretty far flung locales atop those running shoes — including some extra-long runs that came about from being completely lost.

Over the years she added some other cross training through swimming (especially while pregnant), biking and group exercise but in her fourth decade she discovered yoga. She can’t honestly say that it was love at first sight since all those years of athletics led to crazy tight hamstrings and shoulders, but ultimately it was a match made in heaven. So much so that she wanted to share this gift of love with everyone. Hence, her 200-hr Vinyasa training with the lovely Dolly Stavros of Asmi Yoga at North Shore Yoga in Chattanooga began a true passion for yoga and the catalyst it can be in anyone’s life.

Her classes are always a labor of love and you never quite know what you’ll be getting. A student once described her teaching style in an article in the Charlottesville Daily Progress, provocatively titled Unexpected girl crush on yoga matriarch as ”… She didn’t get all navel-gaze-y; she behaved like a teacher who had faith that her students could achieve what she wanted them to learn.”

When not thinking doing or teaching yoga she can still be found running, biking and dreaming of grandchildren.