Amoeba/The Book

I knew the meaning of
life. It came to me in a dream and it
was real; how it all worked, the way to live, why it happened. Unfortunately dreams are fleeting and details
are forgotten. They are but a peek at
the secret destined to inspire the search.
A search that would find the truth of God; a truth to which lies would
surely come, for life would not change just from realization of the truth. The search therefore satisfies only itself,
traveling full circle only to come back to the same paradox, only to start
again. As a book cannot cease to end or
begin, this will attempt to travel backwards around the circle to at least stay
the dizziness of over thinking. Some
pages may be left perfectly blank. Do
not skip them for true understanding needs space to spread out and time to
reflect. Too many words diminish
feelings. They contradict one another
like describing the indescribable; the paradox lives written in these very
words. So before continuing in the way
that we do best, read the next few lines like you were scanning for small
defects, (but your not).

So in that dream that I
had- the one where I knew the meaning of life- I was an amoeba. I was a single cell organism and I was still
very close to the source of life.
Awareness/perception, sometimes confused with the senses, was total and
complete from the vantage point of that simple cell. As humans we have grown so complex and it
makes for more things to go wrong, like typos, bad grammars, and complex run-on
sentences that make things back at the beginning of the sentence seem really
hard to connect to the end of the sentence which by now is so far gone from
it’s birth source that it doesn’t remember what it is. Stand under that and marinate. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Did you actually read
those lines? It’s so hard to do
something so simple- it’s beneath us and there can’t possible be anything
worthwhile in it. That’s what we think. Maybe we should think less. We don’t see the source for all the
distractions. We stand taller than
anything else we know and yet have the worst foresight. If the amoeba dream was a peek, then
intelligence exists in many different states, the least of which may be
ours. We are far away from God and
therefore scramble for religions and reassurances. In the ‘lower’ forms of life, (that being
anything not human), the appreciation and honoring of the source was embedded
in every action of daily living. They
knew, without words or recitation, that they themselves were the shrines and
temples built to worship and reflect the source. If we truly believed we were the offsprings of
God, we would relax and stop trying to figure everything out. We would remember that the spark is in our
blood. We would realize that words
detract from the truth of raw perception and the feeling of all-knowing. The more knowledge we accumulate, the more to
keep up with, the more inferior we feel as we can’t handle it all, the more
books we have to dust, the more cluttered the mind caught up in endless wordy
details frantically racing to put it all together, time now invented and
accentuated, death looming, stress and unworthy struggle when none of it will
ultimately matter as everything is one anyway.
————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Whoa! Probably need a few more of those lines. You can see how easily it can get carried
away. What I really want to ask is how
can we not see what is all around us? It
is the way. The road before us can
prepare us for the road to come.